Степен на завършеност

Stage of completion of the administrative part

The Markovo Villas Park complex will have sports grounds, a car wash, kindergarten, minimarkets and other facilities that are under construction. They will be built to modern high standards and will have everything they need.

Stage of completion of VIP houses

Total built-up area of a house of 480 m2, with large outdoor pool and courtyard. They have a living room with a dining area, four bedrooms each with a bathroom, a large covered veranda and a double garage.

The VIP houses are located in two VIP neighborhoods - one of them has 9 houses, the other one is 7. They are separated by separate barriers, with a decorative fence and provide a better view. One of the neighborhoods overlooking Plovdiv, the other is on a hill and overlooks the mountain.

Stage of completion of the houses

The complex Markovo Villas Park has 90 luxury houses, which are divided into 10 neighborhoods with a total area of 100 decares. Each of them has its own courtyard and garage (s). They are divided into three types according to your preferences and meet the highest requirements.

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