Степен на завършеност

Stage of completion of the Administrative part

The Markovo Villas Park complex will have:

Sports fields, Car wash, Kindergarten, Supermarket, Restaurant, Fitness center and other amenities.

This part of the complex will be built after there are 30 houses built. Аpproximate term until the end of 2022.

Stage of completion of Houses

The Markovo Villas Park complex has 90 luxury houses, which are divided into 10 neighborhoods with a total area of ​​100 acres.

Each house has its own yard and garage/s.

They are divided into four types according to your preferences and meet the highest requirements.

-Completion of the Exterior:

Fully finished Facades, Suspended Facades, Windows, Entrance and Garage Doors, Facade Lighting, Paths and Fences.

-Completion of the Inner part:

Built Electrical, Plumbing, Pipes for floor drainage, Plastering of Walls and Ceilings, Floor screed.

-Completion of the yard:

Fully finished Yard with vertical plan, Landscaping, Irrigation systems, Garden Lighting

Stage of completion of the Infrastructure

The Markovo Villas Park complex has a modern infrastructure which includes:

Asphalt driveway,

Separate entrance barriers and access control,

Fences of the whole complex,

Asphalt roads in the whole complex to each house

Sidewalks throughout the complex

Street lighting along the entire road,

Sewerage - Rain and Household

Water supply - Irrigation and Household

Own substation for enough El. energy,

and many others...

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