The complex Markovo Villas Park is built in the village of Markovo, 5 km south of Plovdiv, at the northern foot of the Chernatitsa ridge in the so-called Rhodopi collar. The area is in close proximity to other major cities in the country - 140 km away from Sofia and 260 km from Bourgas. The convenient location at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains with a wonderful panorama to the mountain and fresh air are prerequisites for a peaceful life and the facilities in the complex additionally contribute to the comfort of its inhabitants.
Landmarks in the area are wonderful places for relaxation and relaxation during weekends. Immediately above Markovo starts Rodopi Park, which houses the resorts "Zdravets", "Studenets" and "White Church". In the gorge of the stream, a kilometer away from the village, there is the Manchevoto area - a huge meadow, suitable for family picnics and games. On the ridge of one of the peaks situated southwest of the village is a chapel "St. Atanas ".
Above the village is Kaloyan peak, and from it, on the palm of the mountain, is seen the Upper Thracian valley. This peak is often used for delta and paragliding.

South of the village is the Kaleto locality (also "Zandana", "Kaloyanovo gradishte"), located on the same name. There are remnants of a Roman fortress that guarded the ancient road from Plovdiv through the Central Rhodopes to the Aegean Sea.

The roads in the village will be asphalted with two lanes, 3,5 meters wide, and two trolleys of 1m. for the convenience of residents. In the future, the ring road of the village of Markovo will be built, which will significantly reduce the passage through the village.

Markovo Villas Park will provide you and your family with a number of additional amenities on the terrain of the complex:
* Coffee bar and restaurant
* Kinder garden
* Fitness
* Supermarket
* Car wash
* Soccer field
* Basketball playground
* A tennis court
* Own garage
* 24-hour security

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