PRICE from 900 euro/m2 with VAT
The price varies depending on the type of house and its collation in the complex. The price is calculated based on the area of ​​the selected house.

The price includes the Land / Plot to the house.
The plots vary in size from 500m2 to 800m2 for type B and B houses.
                                                          from 1000m2 to 1500m2 for type A houses.
                                                          from 300m2 to 450m2 for houses Type D. (house Bliznak).
The price includes VAT.

House Type B - 304 m2 with a plot - 521 m2
Price: 304 * 1000 = 304,000 euros
with VAT and Yard / Land

More information:
-We have 4 types of houses:
TYPE-A - 480 m2 + pool with own plot of 1000m2
TYPE-B - 340 m2 with own plot of 500-800 m2
TYPE-B - 304 m2 with own plot of 500-800 m2
TYPE-D - 200 m2 with a plot of 250-350 m2 (Twin house)

- At the moment we have built and fully completed 12 pcs. houses in total of Type A, B, C and D. Also the Infrastructure to them is ready.
-The complex is being built in stages. The first stage (district 1) has already been completed with 10 houses and the entire infrastructure.
-The whole complex (all stages) is expected to be ready by 2024.
-The construction of the individual stages does not interfere with the normal stay in the complex, there is a secured bypass road, etc.

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